All Students - Randy's Tax Service

Randy’s Tax Service LLC wants to invest in educating tomorrow’s employees, executives, community, and world leaders. We realize that post-secondary education provides many opportunities and benefits that would not otherwise be available to an individual, and with those opportunities, there is a cost. Randy’s Tax Service LLC will award scholarships annually to our clients and/or dependents in order to pursue their educational goals.
Selection Criteria:
Must file Federal and State income taxes (or be a dependent of someone filing Federal and State income taxes) with Randy’s Tax Service LLC.
Tax services must be paid in full for both Federal and State taxes.
Must be a full-time student at chosen College/University
Provide High School/College transcript
Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA
Provide Character References
Work/Volunteer service and/or Extra-curricular activities

Usual application dates: February 1 – April 15