Minorities - Latino Economic Development Center

Latino entrepreneurs, community leaders, local foundations, and local businesses have come together to develop a scholarship fund aimed at supporting talented, aspiring Latino students who would like to build their future through higher education. By providing youth the opportunity everyone deserves in the United States, we create a thriving multicultural community full of business, cultural and civic leaders. The LEDC Latino Scholarship Fund was created to help students attend a public college or university or other not-for-profit post-secondary educational institution for undergraduate study.
• A Minnesota resident adult returning or enrolling for their first undergraduate degree or certificate
• Enrollment at a higher education institution at some point in 2019
• A student of Latino origin (or whose one or both parents were born in a country in Latin America*)
• Non-traditional student is defined as an adult who did not enroll in college the fall following their spring graduation from high school, or a student who graduated with a GED or other high school diploma equivalent
• A Minnesota high school or alternative school graduating senior entering a post-secondary institution in 2018
• A student of Latino origin (or who has one or both parents who were born in a Latin American country*)
• Minimum 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale
• Ability to attend the summer Latino Scholarship Fund golf tournament

Contact: info@ledc-mn.org